mango oatmeal bowl

As much as I love chia puddings, some days I wake up craving a hot bowl of breakfast. When I do, oatmeal bowls are my go-to. It’s easy to put together, much like chia puddings except, hot 😀 I’ll show you how to put this easy Mango Oatmeal Bowl together.

You can choose to cook your oatmeal over the stove in some milk, or if you’re using powder beverages, simply add the powder to the oats, then some hot water and stir until soft. Either way, it’s just as delicious!

Note: It’s important to know that you don’t have to follow these ingredients exactly. If you don’t have mangoes, you can use any fruit you have at home, as well as customise your own toppings. Try to ensure that your bowl contains protein, fibre, healthy fats and a fruit, and you’re good to go!

IMG_7552 2


1/2 cup baby oats

1tbsp unsweetened powder beverage (I use organic soy powder here)

1tbsp chia seeds

3/4 cup hot water (add more if necessary)


Sliced mangoes

Walnuts, almonds (roughly chopped)

Cacao nibs

Homemade peanut butter

Drizzle of honey


Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add hot water and stir well until baby oats are soft. If you like your oatmeal runnier, add more water and adjust accordingly. I generally avoid sweetening the oatmeal if I’m pairing it with a sweet fruit. If you only have a tart fruit on hand, you may add some natural sweetener into your oatmeal.

Place the sliced mangoes carefully on top, sprinkle the chopped nuts and cacao nibs. Then, add a spoonful of peanut butter and a dash of honey if desired.

Hope you enjoy this super easy recipe! x